Circularly polarized compact microstrip antenna Journal Article

Author(s): Paulson, M.; Kundukulam, S.O.; Aanandan, C K; Mohanan, P.; Vasudevan, K.
Article Title: Circularly polarized compact microstrip antenna
Alternate Title: Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
Journal Title: Unknown
Volume: 26
Issue: 5
Publisher: Kerala Science Congress  
Date Published: 2000
Start Page: 308
End Page: 309
Notes: --- - A compact microstrip antenna with circular polarization radiation is demonstrated. A reduction in the required parameters for achieving CP radiation makes the present antenna design simpler. This configuration provides an area reduction of 42% compared to a standard rectangular patch antenna at the same frequency, and a 3 dB CP bandwidth of approximately 1% has been obtained. - <p>Cited By :6</p> - "<p>Export Date: 12 February 2015</p>"
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