Microstrip band rejection filter using open loop resonator Journal Article

Author(s): Jitha, B.; Bybi, P.C.; Aanandan, C K; Mohanan, P.
Article Title: Microstrip band rejection filter using open loop resonator
Alternate Title: Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
Keywords: Microstrip band reject filter; Open loop rectangular resonator (OLRR); Tunable filter
Journal Title: Unknown
Volume: 50
Issue: 6
Publisher: Kerala Science Congress  
Date Published: 2008
Start Page: 1550
End Page: 1551
Notes: --- - "Design of a compact microstrip band reject filter is proposed. The device consists of an Open Loop Rectangular Resonator (OLRR) coupled to a microstrip line. The transmission line has a U-bend which enhances the coupling with the OLRR element and reduces the size of the filter. The filter can be made tunable by mounting variable capacitance to the system. Simulated and experimental results are presented. \xC2\xA9 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc." - <p>Cited By :6</p> - "<p>Export Date: 18 February 2015</p>"
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