Tuning of properties of sprayed CuZnS films Conference Paper

Author(s): Sreejith M S; Deepu D R; Kartha, C.S.; Vijayakumar, K.P
Title: Tuning of properties of sprayed CuZnS films
Keywords: Optical properties; Electrical properties; X-ray diffraction; XPS; Chemical Spray Pyrolysis; CuZnS
Conference Title: AIP Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: 1591
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2014
Start Page: 1741
End Page: 1743
Notes: --- - "CuZnS is an alloy having mixed structure of CuxS and ZnS. Here we studied the structural, optical, compositional and electrical properties of CuZnS films prepared using chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP). Just by varying ratio of Cu to Zn was observed that material can be changed from P type to N type and electrical conductivity can be increased by 4 orders. Increase in concentration of Cu leads to decrease bandgap to 1.8 eV from 3.4 eV. CuZnS films having high concentration of copper can be used as good absorber and weakly doped films as buffer / window layers in solar cells. \xC2\xA9 2014 AIP Publishing LLC." - <p>Cited By :1</p> - "<p>Export Date: 11 February 2015</p>"
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