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  1. Applied Electromagnetics Conference AEMC 2009 (2)
  2. Communications and Signal Processing ICCSP 2011 International Conference on (2)
  3. Recent Advances in Microwave Theory and Applications 2008 MICROWAVE 2008 International Conference on (2)
  4. Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 1990 AP S Merging Technologies for the 90 s Digest (1)
  5. Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 1992 AP S 1992 Digest Held in Conjuction with URSI Radio Science Meeting and Nuclear EMP Meeting IEEE (1)

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  • Dual frequency reconfigurable microstrip antenna using varactor diodes
    Conference Paper
  • Frequency and polarization tuning of a cross patch antenna using capacitive loading
    Conference Paper
  • Modified CPW fed monopole antenna with a radiation pattern suitable for mobile handset
    Conference Paper
  • Strip loaded slotted patch antenna for wireless applications
    Conference Paper
  • Single feed circularly polarized cross patch antenna
    Conference Paper
  • Asymmetric Coplanar Strip fed wide band antenna
    Conference Paper
  • Single feed miniaturized cross patch antenna
    Conference Paper
  • A compact dualband planar antenna for IMT 2000 and WLAN applications
    Conference Paper
  • Metallo dielectric structures for backscattering reduction
    Conference Paper
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