he Department of Physics was established in 1962 as one of the five departments of the erstwhile Ernakulam center of the Kerala University. In 1971, it became part of the University of Cochin, which was later recognized in to a full fledged university of science & Technology. The goal and objective of the Department was to undertake post graduate teaching and impart research training to students who opt for advanced studies in Physics. The Department of Physics has hitherto continuously maintained a creditable record of post graduate teaching and research in Physics. The Department conducts teaching programmes leading to M.Sc and M.Phil degrees and a research programme leading to Ph.D. The students to the various courses are selected by separate nationwide admission tests. The M.Sc courses are conducted in four semesters with lecture classes and also with a project work in the last semester. The teaching is imparted by well trained teachers who have gained reputation in their fields. Most of the teachers have experience of working in other Indian and foreign laboratories and has obtained substantial knowledge in the modern developments in physical sciences. The project work which is a part of the M.Sc and M.Phil programme contain new findings which are supervised by these well trained teachers of the Department. The Department also frequently conducts refresher courses for college / University teachers in selected areas of Physics. The department has also organized many National seminars and invited reputed scientists to deliver special lectures from time to time.

Types of Work