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The Department of Atmospheric Sciences formed in 1996 by bifurcating the erstwhile Physical Oceanography and Meteorology Division of the School of marine Sciences. The Department started offering a 4-semester M. Sc programme in Meteorology since 1975 and a 4-semester M. Tech in Atmospheric Science since 1989. Another M. Sc programme in Remote Sensing Applications & GIS is proposed and will be started by the Department in the near future. Apart from teaching activities, research works in modeling, diagnostic, theoretical and observational studies in the field of Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences are in full swing. Government of India has identified the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, CUSAT as one of the Centers of Excellence to carry out research work in the frontier area Mesospheric Modelling of Monsoon Related Predictions, an ambitious project under the New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI), along with other premier national institutes, such as IIT, Delhi, IISc., Bangalore, NAL, Bangalore, CMMACS, Bangalore, IITM, Pune and TIFR, Bombay. The University Grants Commission has selected the Department of Atmospheric Sciences under its Special Assistance Programme (SAP) based on the quality of teaching, academic achievements, research in thrust area and viable potential for future development. The essence and primary aim of SAP of the UGC is the combination of teaching and research to encourage group research efforts. The project entitled, Influence of Arabian Sea and the Orography of Western Ghats on the Weather and Climate of Kerala, under UGC - SAP - Level DRS Phase I from August 2002 to July 2007. The Department receive Rs. 39 lakhs to carry out research in the frontier area of Atmospheric Sciences. The financial support for five years is expected to develop the Department into a Centre of Excellence. This programme aims at encouraging the pursuit of excellence and team work in Monsoon Research in the Asia-Pacific region through concerted efforts on advanced research, establishing a state-of-art database on monsoon and allied field including satellite data, manpower development and extension services and training. UGC has also identified this Department as the Nodal Centre and funded for introducing Computer Applications courses at the post graduate level and extending lectures to other selected Departments in the University. Department of Science and Technology (DST) identified the Department of Atmospheric Sciences as one of the premier centres in India in the field of Atmospheric Research and Teaching and sanctioned Rs. 31 Lakhs under its FIST programme. The Department has been pursuing research on the Indian Monsoon for the [last two decades. Taking into account the often-felt need for a coordinated effort on monsoon research in the country, a Centre for Monsoon Studies was established in the Department in July 2000. Seven efficient and dynamic faculties are available in the Department. Prestigious awards such as BOYSCAST, Commission of the European Communities (CEC) Fellowships, etc. were awarded to the faculty. The Department has produced 32 Ph. Ds and published about 183 research papers in reputed international and national scientific journals. In addition, more than 200 research papers were presented in various national/international scientific conferences in India and abroad. Eminent Scientists and Professors are often invited to the Department for giving lectures in advanced areas The Department has a high-speed computational facility, an automatic weather station and a full-fledged surface weather observatory. It has also setup a data bank, which has NCEP/NCAR reanalysis global data, UARS data from NASA, Rocket data, MST Radar data, surface weather observations, TOMS data, etc. During the last 5 years, the Department organized 8 national-level seminars. In addition, 3 UGC Refresher Courses were conducted for the benefit of College teachers.

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